Easterseals Study on the Impact of COVID-19 on People with Disabilities

A report on how deeply the pandemic has affected the populations Easterseals serves and how everyone can best support their recovery and resilience, as we work to open new and better opportunities for people with disabilities.


This study was conducted by Accenture in April 2021. Please find resources and promotional assets below.


Study Documents

Below are multiple versions of this study for your use.


External, Executive Summary: Easterseals COVID-19 Impact on People with Disabilities Study


External, Full Version: Easterseals COVID-19 Impact on People with Disabilities Study


>> See additional cover options featured in the following internal report at the end of slideshow. FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY: Powerpoint Copy with Multiple Cover Options


FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY: Playbook – COVID-19 Impact and Assessment


FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY: National Network Strategy Update Meeting of April 28, 2021 (PPT used)


FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY: COVID-19 Impact and Assessment


Promotional Resources


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National Press Release


Press Release Template for Affiliate Localization (download)


Email Template Targeting Funders and other Influencers for Localization (download)


Angela Williams Blog Copy: Affiliate CEO Template (download)


Angela Williams Op-Ed Copy: Affiliate CEO Template (download)