[Updated 6/19] Money Follows the Person – Empower Care Act

Latest 6/19: Last night, the House passed an extension for Money Follows the Person! Along with other organizations, today we’re taking this opportunity to encourage the Senate to help fund MFP as well. Please promote our latest action alert: Tell Congress: Help Promote Independence and Community Services


Easterseals Position: We support the Empower Care Act which extends Money Follows the Person, a program that helps people transition to their homes from care facilities. Call your representatives and tell them about the importance of this program.

Easterseals Success Stories: Ray and Malisa

Social Media Posts (use #FundMFP): 




Tell Congress to extend the Money Follows the Person Program. This program helps people transition to their homes from care facilities #FundMFP http://bit.ly/2XmwlXG




The Money Follows the Person program helps people transition to their homes from care facilities and we’re urging Congress to extend it. Call, write or message your representatives. #FundMFP http://bit.ly/2XmwlXG


We’re continuing to urge Congress to extend Money Follows the Person – a Medicaid program that has helped more than 75,000 people with disabilities and seniors move from nursing homes and other institutions to the community. #FundMFP http://bit.ly/2XmwlXG




Update 9/21: Thursday, September 13th, a one-year extension of the Money Follows the Person Demonstration Grant Program was approved by the U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee.
Update 8/30: There will be a September 5th congressional hearing in the U.S House of Representatives that will consider a possible extension of the expired MFP Program. For your information, please refer to the prepared Easterseals statement for the record in support of the reauthorization of the Money Follows the Person Program (MFP) (DO NOT share this link on social media or on your website, as it is housed on the internal brand microsite. Feel free to use the language in any social posts.) Use or modify the below social posts to support the program on social throughout the week. We will be pushing our action alert (also linked below) and encouraging people to continue to contact Congress. 


7/30: For the 2018 anniversary of Medicaid, Easterseals messaging will center around support for this program.

Action Alert 7/17: Help Promote Community Living and Services for Individuals with Disabilities

6/22/2018 – Easterseals participated in the National Call-In Day to support funding for Money Follows the Person.

3/13/2018 – Action Alert: Contact your Members of Congress NOW and urge them to immediately approve the EMPOWER Care Act.


Helpful Overview from Center for Public Representation: Empower Care Act gets individuals with disabilities and seniors back home

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