Statement on Threats to Healthcare (July 2018)

Background: This statement is to address any previous and upcoming threats to healthcare, including movements to repeal, cuts or caps to funding, actions involving the risk adjustment program and protections for people pre-existing conditions.


Full statement 7/17: Easterseals Statement on Threats to Access to Healthcare


Twitter Posts:

The ACA greatly improved access to affordable, comprehensive health care for people with #disabilities and others with pre-existing conditions. Attempts to weaken the ACA (such as the risk adjustment freeze) and cut #Medicaid funding will be harmful. Here’s why.
Access to #healthcare is especially critical for people with #disabilities and #preexistingconditions who were once subjected to health coverage denials or cost-prohibitive plans due to health status, such as asthma, diabetes, or cancer. More info:
We urge policymakers to work together to strengthen and improve – not limit – the protections, care, and health benefits available to Americans, including individuals with #disabilities and pre-existing conditions, through current law and federal programs.
Facebook Post:
We’re concerned by recent attempts to weaken health care protections and to restrict access to health care through administrative actions related to the open enrollment period, risk adjustment program, pre-existing condition protections, in addition to overall repeal efforts. Americans, including individuals with disabilities, need certainty that access to comprehensive health coverage and long-term care will remain today and into the future. Our statement:

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