[Resolved] H.R. 620 – ADA Education and Reform Act

Positioning of Easterseals on H.R. 620 


April 3, 2018:  43 Senators committed to oppose the bill, which makes it unlikely that any Senate companion bill will be brought forward at this time.


Feb 15, 2018 – U.S. House of Representatives passed the bill. Following this development, we decided to limit messaging on this issue. While other organizations might have been vocal at this time, the Senate needed to introduce a companion bill in order to move this forward. Without this, the bill would stop at the House. Our advocacy team advised that the less attention we drew to this bill, the less likely anything would come of it.


Easterseals positioning and social language around the House passing H.R. 620:


As an original supporter of the ADA, Easterseals believes our country is strongest when all Americans, including individuals with disabilities, can fully participate in and contribute to their communities. Today’s vote on #HR620 was disappointing. Thank you to everyone who sent in letters and phone calls to Congress. Let’s continue to work together to stop efforts to weaken the Americans with Disabilities Act.



Feb 9, 2018 – Action Alert [CLOSED] – Tell Congress: Don’t Mess with the Americans with Disabilities


Sept 13, 2017Action Alert [CLOSED] – Stop H.R. 620, No to Attacks on the ADA


Sept 7, 2017 – Easterseals Asks Judiciary Committee to Oppose the ADA Education and Reform Act


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