Our Purpose

A purpose statement is the cornerstone of a brand strategy and the foundation for all communications. It proclaims one clear, driving reason for believing in Easterseals. It’s a ringing rallying cry and declaration of leadership that motivates staff to come to work and inspires the public to support our cause. Whenever we need to tell people what drives us, what inspires us and where we focus our energies, we should refer to this foundational declaration. If you need a brief elevator speech, draw on this simple but powerful purpose statement. The statement eliminates the need for additional mission and vision statements, which so often are long and complicated, and rarely remembered.

Our Positioning

A positioning statement explains how Easterseals is distinctive and why key stakeholders should engage with you. It’s the brand platform that unifies your programs and communications, and becomes the foundation for the Easterseals public identity. This statement is used internally, helping to guide and unify communications.

For nearly 100 years Easterseals has been the indispensable resource for people and families challenged by disabilities. Now, as America faces a broad range of new issues, we make a major, positive, life-changing difference in the lives of people and families challenged by today’s disabilities. The work we do every day is redefining disabilities for the 21st century.