Downloadable Files and Resources

Below is an interactive Box folder widget where you can browse and download the latest Easterseals Brand resources. Here’s how the folder structure breaks down:

Client Photo Library. A comprehensive library covering all ages of Easterseals clientele, produced for both digital and print use.

Digital Assets and Campaigns. This folder houses materials useful for advocacy and digital marketing campaigns.

Logos. Here you can find all versions of Affiliate, National, and National Strategic Brand logo files. There are full color, white, black, and orange logo files for both digital and print use.

Other Marketing Materials. Everything else that can be used to produce new materials is housed here. This includes graphic images for the sunburst and horizon; files for adding the new Roboto font to your desktop programs; templates for email signatures, PowerPoints, and the new designs for newsletters and brochures.


If you are unable to view the widget for any reason, you can also view the Box folder in a separate window by clicking this link. To preview full images, right click the file and select Preview in New Tab.