Our Brand

Easterseals is continually adapting and responding to the evolving needs of the people, families, and communities we serve, delivering critical services that impact lives. Over the past decade, we’ve aligned our messaging to key priorities within the disability community with a vision for a world in which everyone is empowered to live full, independent lives and fully participate in society. Our old “Easter Seals” name has been modified to create a new, reimagined single “Easterseals” brand.


After celebrating the 100th anniversary of Easterseals in 2019, we aim to build upon this legacy by leading the way to full equity, inclusion, and access. To do so, we invite you to be our partners by utilizing the Easterseals brand in increasing awareness of our services, advocacy, and impact in the lives of individuals and families, as well as our relevance in communities and society at large.


This site, and the more thorough brand guidelines document will provide necessary information about the Easterseals brand and help all of us work together to inspire the world to understand and support the great work we all do.


Building a national brand


Although we are an affiliate-based organization, with vigorous, creative, independent-minded affiliates across the nation, we are all Easterseals. We all share a commitment to the people we serve. We all gather and deploy resources to help people in need. We all have local facilities with local addresses and local volunteers. But together we are one important, beloved, respected, effective, professional national organization that needs one recognized name and one esteemed brand. That’s what we are building together and that’s what this site will help us achieve.