Our Brand

For those of you who know us well, you will immediately notice that our old “Easter Seals” name has been modified to create a new, reimagined single “Easterseals” brand. You will be interested to learn that behind this name modification is an entirely newly refreshed brand — with a ringing purpose statement, messages, logo, tagline and all the other elements of our brand renaissance program.


The natural questions from you might be: Why? And, what? And, how do I tap into the power of the new brand and use it for all my Easterseals communications?


This site, and the more thorough brand guidelines document, we’ve prepared will provide the information about our new brand and help all of us work together to inspire the world to understand and support the great work we all do.


Building a national brand


Although we are an affiliate-based organization, with vigorous, creative, independent-minded affiliates across the nation, we are all Easterseals. We all share a commitment to the people we serve. We all gather and deploy resources to help people in need. We all have local facilities with local addresses and local volunteers. But together we are one important, beloved, respected, effective, professional national organization that needs one recognized name and one esteemed brand. That’s what we are building together and that’s what this site will help us achieve.

Our Strategy

Behind our new brand is one, simple idea: redefining disabilities for today’s challenges.


“I want to live in a world where disability is not the exception, but the norm.”
—Stella Young, TED, April, 2014



Visible, physical conditions

A limitation

A word that labels people

Only affecting “other” people


Including invisible, emotional, social and educational challenges

Being a part of normal, everyday life that can be managed

A word that defines a barrier, not a person

A condition that touches all of us and our families at some point