Our Program & Service Architecture

Why do we need to be more consistent in how we name and describe what we do? We need an organizing model to bring order to the vast array of programs and services across our national network—a model to serve as the basis for vocabulary that helps us to speak in one brand voice.

One of the strengths of Easterseals is our affiliate network with amazing people creating fantastic programs at the local level. The downside of this local creativity and variation in program offering is a variation of programs and services across the country. To build a single, powerful national brand, we have to show the world a more unified front –and this means more consistently organizing our offerings.


Hands-on, comprehensive, vital programs and support to help people reach their full potential—regardless of challenges, needs or disabilities.


Programs designed to help children and adults learn—and often re-learn—basic functions, master skills needed to develop and thrive, and be sharp and active as they age.


A range of training, placement and related services that help people prepare for the workforce—because meaningful work is often the key to overcoming challenges and having a good life.


Fun, healthy programs for children, adults and caregivers to relax, connect with friends and engage in constructive activities—all necessary to living the best life possible.


Our vibrant community of friends and supporters stands with those who face challenges by volunteering, advocating, donating and participating in events that inspire us all and sustain our cause.

How to Use This System

Each category’s accompanying descriptions should appear, in print or digital contexts, at the first mention of the “Live, Learn, Work, Play, Act” model. These descriptions can also be mentioned verbally to elaborate on our offerings.


Ideally, every affiliate will have some programs for every one of these high level categories, but as we know, that is not the case. Still, all affiliates should be able to provide referrals to services in all categories in the community. That should be our goal nationwide.