Our Voice

Brand voice is what everyone experiences when they interact with Easterseals. It’s our personality, our style, our tone and the services we provide—all creating a distinctive Easterseals experience.


Everything we do and say should reflect and reinforce the six qualities below. Our marketing, our services, our fundraising, our community events—everything should be infused with these qualities. On an immediate, practical level we should use these traits to help us to choose photos and other imagery, to name events and programs, to inspire themes for dinners and galas, and of course, to be felt emotionally by all the people we serve.

Our Behaviors

To have a consistent national brand, we strive to offer services as consistently as possible and in a manner that creates a truly differentiated offering to the world. This means that a certain style of action—easily executed and readily experienced—should drive all behavior.


Although the below behavioral attributes are high-level guides to how we behave, we hope they capture the powerful heritage of Easterseals and can inspire programs, services and other activities of Easterseals for the future. To drive these standards into our everyday work, we can make these the basis of important human resources decision-making such as hiring, expectations for performance, and promotions.

We see the whole you

We see the whole you...not just the disability

We are driven to achieve

We empower those we serve to reach for and realize their full potential.

We pave the way

We pave the way…to a fuller life and a more inclusive world

We're stronger, together

Disabilities touch us all, and we work with all members of the community to achieve extraordinary results.