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2021 COVID-19 Study

Documents: Study the Impact of COVID-19 on People with Disabilities


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Governors Association Letter

COVID-19 Disability Rights National Call To Action

March 18th Congressional Letter

March 23rd Urgent Action Alert


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Small Business Paycheck Protection Program Overview

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What Nonprofit Board Members Should be Doing Right Now to Address Coronavirus

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Deck: Digital Fundraising Amidst the Coronavirus Outbreak


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Easterseals Study on the Impact of COVID-19 on People with Disabilities

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Easterseals Southern California PSA Campaign to #StayHomeSaveLives

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Wall Street Journal COVID-19 Campaign Ad (Half Page)

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COVID-19 Binder from Easterseals Goodwill Northern Rocky Mountain

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nCoV Screening in Ambulatory Settings – Sample Script to Patient

Advice to Client Families on Coronavirus Protocols


Other Resources

Coronavirus FAQ

Coronavirus Patient Questionnaire

Early Childhood Personnel Center Resource Hub

Homecare and Clinical guidelines published by the Centers for Disease Control

Guide for In Home Cleaning published by the Centers for Disease Control

In Home Caregiver Guidelines published by the Centers for Disease Control

Environmental Check List published by the Centers for Disease Control

Ogletree Deakins “On Points” Collection of Articles Pertaining to Coronavirus

World Health Organization COVID-19 Online Hub




Additionally, as we continue to monitor the ongoing spread of the Coronavirus, we want to facilitate the sharing of best practices or other measures you all are taking locally with our colleagues.


Elise Hough, President & CEO of Easterseals Greater Houston, met with a world-renowned virologist to develop these suggested measures and recommendations to mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 on her Affiliate and for your consideration at your own centers and offices:


  • Universal Precautions – Training of all staff on the use of Universal Precautions in these types of situations. Washing hands properly is the single best thing that can be done.


  • Client Communication – A flyer will be sent to families with hand washing information and informing them of the rescheduling of services if someone in the house is potentially contagious.  This has some risk, as the state will not give a clear answer about contractual responsibility to provide services even if people are contagious.   Staff will let families know about rescheduling when confirming a visit/service.


  • Clean Space – We will use a more stringent cleaning protocol.  Gloves and medical wipes were ordered for early childhood and Purell dispensers are available.  Removal of risky items (magazines, toys, soft items) from our lobbies, clinic, labs and the school to the extent possible.


  • Sick Staff/Clients – Staff who come to work ill will be sent home.  Home based work will be allowable during this period while maintaining HIPPA compliance (i.e. people cannot work on unsecured network when dealing with client data).  If clients arrive with flu-like symptoms, services will be rescheduled.


  • Remote Services – To the extent possible, services will be provided remotely/using technology.  An inquiry has been made to the state if telemedicine for early childhood intervention and bill Medicaid on a temporary/emergency basis is possible.  Limiting in-person agency related meetings and cancellation of all non-essential travel.


  • Health Guidance – Guidance has been requested from Texas Health & Human Services and the City of Houston Health Department – both just referred us to the CDC’s website.


  • Cash Flow – Discussion of potential impact on cash flow due to providing services in the community – a potential quarantine will result in severe loss of revenue which will not be made up once the quarantine is lifted.


  • Insurance – Check on your business interruption insurance