Tips for Targeting Congressional Members on Twitter

  • Encourage your network to tweet at the Representative using posts provided in this toolkit. You might decide, depending on the urgency, that instead of asking people to share information, you’ll want to put all your marketing capital into tweeting at your local politician. This would be ideal if there is a vote coming up. If so, make this your only call-to-action.
  • Consider researching your Congressional Member’s staff. If they have a twitter account, give them some social attention as well.
  • Make use of Easterseals Advocacy Alerts. We’ve seen positive results with our letters to Congress. Drive more people to write about their experience and stance on important issues directly to the policymakers.
  • Study your Congressional Member’s stance on the issue. Tailor any messaging you see in this toolkit to them (do NOT copy and paste). If you need other messaging resources, reach out to national staff.
  • Take a poll. We have our Medicaid stories, but to add more social proof to the issue, consider creating a poll for your constituents to respond to on social media. Tweet the results to your Congressional member.
  • Make sure local news is covering the topic. Be sure to pitch to local news (especially leaning towards the party of your Congressional Member) any relevant and compelling information about your constituent base. If they aren’t talking about Medicaid and its impact in local communities, offer the Easterseals’ perspective. If it’s picked up, bring it to the attention of your Congressional Member.
  • Respond to their posts. If the Congressional Member mentions health care or Medicaid, be sure to respond as Easterseals, with expert insight or information about how Medicaid impacts the local community.


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