Welcome to the 100th Anniversary celebration!

In 2019, Easterseals celebrates 100 years of impact in the lives of individuals with disabilities or other special needs, their families and communities through America as a powerful advocate and innovative provider of services. We honor this legacy as we embrace our future with a renewed commitment to enhance possibilities for people of all ages and abilities.

This page is your one-stop shop for all your 100th Anniversary resources and information. There will be frequent updates and new materials to come as we progress through the end of 2018 and into the 100th Anniversary in 2019. If you have any questions regarding resources and materials, our national agency partners, or other information regarding the 100th Anniversary, please contact Dan Ciaglia at dciaglia@easterseals.com

National Documents (click each to open)

We Celebrate Campaign

Easterseals has always seen the world differently. We know that wherever there is a challenge, there is an opportunity. Where there is conversation, there is growth. And where there are people, there is potential. Our perspective has helped people with disabilities live, learn, work and play in their communities for almost a century – and as we celebrate our 100th Anniversary, now’s our chance to expand our reach. We’ll promote and facilitate an ongoing call to action for all to join our celebration of inclusivity.




  • Out of Home – artwork for billboards, airport banners, bulletins, posters, wild postings, bus and train stops, and more
  • Digital – videos, profile and cover photos, Facebook and Instagram art, web display banners, and more
  • Print – ads, posters, magazine ads, and more


Remember, everything in the campaign can be customized. You may update content and photos as you see fit with your local market.

Week of 100 Dinners

All over the country in every Easterseals community, we encourage all staff, leaders, volunteers and families to host any type of dinner where guests can make a donation to their local Easterseals. Dinners can be private, where a host invites guests to their home for a party, a backyard BBQ, anything that comes to mind. Or, dinners can be public, hosted at a hall, restaurant, or even one of your local service centers.


Our shared goal is to raise $100,000 across the country over the course of July 21st-28th, with the ADA anniversary celebrated on Friday, July 26th. Fundraising for each dinner will be reported back and rolled up to a grand total for the entire week.


As you confirm dinners with your staff and volunteers, please be sure to register your dinner through the link below. The link is for internal tracking purposes and does not need to be sent to any potential guests. Once the dinner is register, please feel free to use our toolkit to promote your dinner. Or, if the dinner is a private event, encourage the host to use the invitation template to send to their guests.




Logo Files

Beginning in March 2018, Easterseals partnered with The Additive Agency, a creative brand firm in Brooklyn, NY, to lead co-creation of marketing assets and resources, including a special 100th Anniversary visual identity, refreshed tagline and messaging toolkit. Below, you’ll have access to various 100th Anniversary logo files, national logo files with the new tagline, and national logo files with all new service descriptors. For 2019, we encourage use of the 100th Anniversary logo as we celebrate throughout the year.

Additional file formats and expanded service descriptors will be available beginning next year.

Messaging Toolkit

Our 100th Anniversary theme: as Easterseals celebrates 100 years of impact, we’re committing to a future where every one of us is 100% included and 100% empowered.

In the toolkit below produced by The Additive Agency, this theme is prevalent throughout high-level messaging tailored to audiences such as staff, board members, volunteers, program participants and families, corporate partners, donors, policymakers, advocates and media. Following audience-specific messaging is ready to use content designed to be localized for all affiliates to use.


Rose Parade

Easterseals joins the Rose Parade party with its first-ever float, “Celebrating Easterseals: 100 Years of Disability Services.” As Easterseals kicks off its 100th anniversary of providing disability services, the non-profit organization is using its festive float to also celebrate the nearly 1.5 million people with disabilities Easterseals serves across the country.  With the start of a new year approaching, Easterseals invites everyone to resolve to “celebrate, not separate,” and help build a more inclusive future for the more than 61 million Americans living with disabilities.


PSA, Photos and Other Video Files

Easterseals, through our Central Illinois affiliate, is partnering with Simantel, a global advertising firm in Peoria, IL, to develop a new PSA series that will air beginning in December with a :30 teaser spot to introduce our 100th Anniversary theme. In January and April, a :60 100th Anniversary spot will air. Airtime is courtesy of Comcast NBCU, our partner that has generously donated airtime valued at $6 million for our 100th Anniversary alone.


Media and Public Relations Resources

Easterseals is partnering with Dalton Agency, a public relations firm in Atlanta, GA, to build brand awareness and relevance through strategic story development, media pitches and other public relations tactics to position Easterseals as the leading service provider for people of all ages and abilities to assure they have limitless opportunities to live, learn, work and play in their communities.


Digital Marketing Campaign and Fundraising Materials

Easterseals is partnering with Anne Lewis Strategies, a full-service digital marketing agency in Washington D.C., to develop content to support campaigns digitally in alignment with our Editorial Calendar, advance content around advocacy to acquire new donors and generate revenue.


Corporate and Other Celebration Opportunities

  • March 27th 100th Anniversary Celebration Dinner (details early January)
    • Sponsorship Opportunities
  • 100th Anniversary Corporate Campaigns (coming soon)
  • Sample decks

Graphics, Iconography and Illustrations